New Rules Novel
IBM - Cognitive Music

Grammy award-winning music producer Alex Da Kid and IBM Watson collaborated to turn data insights on music and culture into cognitive music.


#ShareHumanity was a campaign for the UN that allowed you to donate the power of your social feed for one day so someone in a humanitarian crisis can tell their story. Over two hundred thousand social posts were donated and press coverage generated billions of impressions. Gold Effie for Media Innovation.

Coca-Cola - 'Share A Coke'

We took the world's most mass-produced, fast-moving consumer good and personalized it for almost every Australian. The campaign was the most awarded of 2012 and has since been rolled out around the world. The campaign generated over 12 million in earned media and increased sales by 7%. Rolled out globally, it was their most successful campaign of the last two decades.

IBM Blink Test

To show how fast the IBM Power Systems server is, we compared it to something everyone can understand: their own eye blink. We invented a device with pupil tracking algorithms to measure blink speeds. Then we calculated how much data the IBM Power Systems processes in the same amount of time. Real people, real blink speeds, in real time in the world’s fastest demo.

Aetna - Machine 11

Every cigarette you smoke shortens your life by 11 minutes. We decided to turn this around and think about it in a more positive way: Every cigarette you don’t smoke could add 11 minutes to your life.

Revolt TV

A TV campaign to launch REVOLT on TWC.

Spotify: That Song When

A social first campaign to build brand preference for Spotify.

TWC True Blood - "Rain"

A campaign to build brand preference for TWC.

Time Warner Cable - Super Bowl
Microsoft - Edge Of The Internet

Creative Strategy + Digital Strategy

A hunt accross the internet to showcase the speed of IE10.

Victor Cruz Viral - Plane Catch
New Rules Novel
New Rules Novel


A serial fiction project following two twenty-somethings as they fighting to make their way in the modern music industry. Set at real events in New York and featuring work from local artists and photographers. New Rules received a Watty award for online fiction and is a Amazon best seller.

British Airways - UnGrounded Innovation Flight

Content Strategy


Time Warner Cable - "Catch in the Dark"
Game of Thrones - Time Warner Cable
Microsoft: LightSwitch Launch Viral
Nokia: Little Amazings